Mr Paris Catering Co. was brought to life from over 10 years of experience working in the fashion catering industry. Mr Nir Paris believes that in order to work with the top you must provide an exceptional product, outstanding service, and tremendous experience. Working closely with his head chef on new seasonal menus, tasting every dish, and bringing the best product suppliers in the market are part of Nir's day to day at Mr Paris Catering Co. He put together an intimate team in order to ensure he stays on top of these standards.

In addition to the product that speaks for itself, it’s the love for fashion and aesthetics that makes Mr Paris stand out. Food should always be beautiful, but when you are feeding the people that live and breathe fashion beauty becomes essential. Understanding the needs of the fashion industry is just one more strength the team at Mr Paris will bring to the table. As anyone in the industry knows, there will never be enough words to describe all the different challenges that might arise in a photoshoot. Nir’s dedication, experience, hands-on approach, and top-of-the-line service make him the exact kind of person you want to be in-charge of feeding you on these stressful production days.